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Rules of Participation

The following FPS limits are allowed: 60, 70, 85, 105, and 144 FPS. Additionally, the game must run smoothly with the same FPS as the limit; otherwise, the result will be invalid. Only valid results are accepted by the database, and kickStart in version 2.3 or greater is required.

In-game, only up to three unique upgrades from TJ can be used, and only those combinations that are genuinely possible to obtain in the career mode.

Trainers or any other cheating tools and mods affecting gameplay or physics are not allowed. Car geometry must be original, only the latest "smol model fix" for 206 and Lancer by AJ_Lethal is permitted.

Multiple accounts are not allowed.

Competition results are considered part of the commons, accessible to all for sharing and discussion.

Drift techniques like Double Tapping (aka DT, for digital controllers) and Double Steering (aka DS, for analog controllers) are allowed. However, the game itself activates some kind of driving assistance for joypad users. So, DS will only work, if the game identifies the controller as a wheel. In order to disable this assistance, you can modify the Windows registry entry for the device so that the game will recognize it as a wheel. Check the following link for a guide how to do this.

Tutorial by Ravage on YouTube:

How to get started?

Download kickStart and extract the .zip file into your NFS Underground game folder. It's recommended to use a portable installation under something like C:\Games due to writing permissions. If not, you may need to run it with administrator rights, although this is not recommended. However, if your game runs as admin, kickStart needs to run as admin, too.

Next, run kickStart.exe and ensure that collisions are turned on (no ghost-mode!), then start the game. In the game, navigate to "Quick Race" and then select "Free Run". Choose your car and track, and begin your cruise.

If you need a high-performance ride, check out the "Saved game files" tab under the settings in kickStart, where you can create a new profile, import a 100% savegame and swap unique upgrade parts.

Once you've completed your first lap, you'll find your data in kickStart under "My Free Run records". There, you'll also find a button to upload your data to the online database. Click it, and if it's your first upload, you'll be prompted to register your nickname. Once that's done, you can enable "Automated synchronization" on the "Track records" tab in the settings.

That's it! Every lap record will now appear in the online database almost instantly. Happy hotlapping!

Please note that kickStart must be running in the background for recording (in the settings, on tab "Main configuration": "Keep open during game" and/or "Close to tray" must be enabled under "Options"), and this feature only works with the US version 1.4 for now.

In case you experience invalid results (red font in overlay and an asterisk behind lap times) or if the recorder isn't working, click on the button "Open settings" and (at the bottom) navigate to the tab "Track records" where you should find a button to set the basics to the defaults. Click on it and start the game again. If it's still not working, double-check if cars are original and have allowed TJ combinations, then restart kickStart.

For more detailed information, press the F1 key while in kickStart.

ReShade, when used in combination with the DirectX 9 Overlay, will cause the game to crash. So, you have two options: either remove ReShade or switch to the Classic overlay, or play without any overlay at all. Essentially, any program that includes an overlay, such as Rivatuner/MSI Afterburner, can potentially conflict with the DX9 overlay. If you're a Linux user, neither of the overlays will work, so it's best to play without any overlay. Additional mods are not supported, but if it's only visual, like improving texture quality, it's alright. Extra Options is also allowed, but keep in mind that any mod can cause unexpected behavior; therefore, it's always recommended to play as original as possible.

Download kickStart:

This site, including the help section, is still under construction. If you require additional assistance and information, we recommend joining the Retro Racing Point Discord server. There, under #nfs-underground, you'll find a dedicated thread for kickStart where you can get the help you need.

Link to Retro Racing Point Discord:

How to be fast?

More tutorials by Carter:

Which car is good?

Testing videos by Marcy2200:

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